Professional Pet Services

At Appleton Area Pet Sitting, our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Most of the pets that we care for are common household pets; however, all types of family pets ranging from Sea Monkeys to hobby farm donkeys have benefited from our professional at-home pet care services which are personalized to your lifestyle and needs.

More importantly, we are very adaptable to your requests.  If you are in need of other related arrangements, just ask!  We are here to help.  Our one stop shopping services will save you time, headaches, heartache, and ensure your time away to be worry free.

Each pet is unique and so is the personal attention and care given to the pets that we provide our services for according to your instructions.   We are also very capable of addressing the needs of senior pets and those with special needs.

Appleton Area Pet Sitting strives to build life long relationships with our clients and their pets. Many times we become like part of the family.  
We pride ourselves on the originality and high quality of our unmatched services which others have attempted to imitate but never can duplicate.

Some of our more popular services requested are listed below:

Appleton Area Pet Sitting Pet Sitting visits to your home--If you will be away from home short term or long term we will make reliable scheduled visits to your home to care for it and your pets there.  Depending on your pets, their needs, and your wishes, visits can be made from one to five times daily.  Appleton Area Pet Sitting will provide your pets with fresh water, meals, treats, administering prescribed medications including injections, exercise, play time, companionship, monitoring for any signs of distress or illness and properly handle those situations, maintaining litter boxes, post surgery care, and more.  Every effort is made to keep your pet's routine that they are accustomed to in the comfort of their own home.  Appleton Area Pet Sitting always offers uninterrupted individual love and attention, checking for/cleaning up any accidents, belly rubs, hugs, singing to your pet, or whatever it is that they enjoy and makes them happy.
We can even throw a steak on the grill for your dog.
Don't laugh- it happens more than you might think it does!

Appleton Area Pet Sitting Overnights--Slumber parties…it really doesn't get any better than this, especially if you have a pet that sleeps with you at night like our pets do.  Your Pet Sitter will stay at your home to care for and spend quality time with your pet as much as possible during the day, and then sleep there over night so that your pet does not have to go to bed alone or fall asleep at the door waiting for someone to come home.   Companionship means so much!

Appleton Area pet Sitting Miscellaneous household duties--The list is long and partially includes bringing in mail/news papers, plant watering, trash/recycle containers put out and brought back in, security checks, emptying dehumidifiers, etc.  Don't bother someone else with yet another thing to put on their to do list if we are there already.  With our wide range of experience I'm sure that Appleton Area Pet Sitting can handle it.

Appleton Area pet Sitting Pet taxi--Do you have a busy schedule?  We can safely transport your pet to and/or from the Vet, Groomer, Kennel, or Day Care facility for you.  We can take care of routine appointments and have your pet back home for you when you get there to save you time, extra trips, and meet timing requirements.

Appleton Area Pet Sitting Welcome Home packages--Appleton Area Pet Sitting can take care of those errands that need to be done such as picking up fresh milk and other groceries, pick up/drop off dry cleaning, pick up mail from post office box, pick up pet food and supplies, and other tasks so that when you get home it will be like you haven't missed a beat and you will not have to hurry any place to get ready for the next day! What's more is that you will be able to come home, relax, and spend time catching up with your pets who will be there happy to welcome you when you come through the door.

Appleton Area pet Sitting Gift Certificates for Pet Sitting services is a gift the entire family can enjoy.

Appleton in home pet care
I'm sure that you'll agree that no two homes, pets, or situations are identical, and you would not want to pay for something that you did not want, need, or receive. Once we understand the whole picture we can present a plan and provide the cost associated with it. Our rates differ based on unique variables including how many pets there are, their needs, and your desired services.   Our clients appreciate our approach to rates which keeps everything fair to everyone. People that use Appleton Area Pet Sitting feel that the valuable services that we provide are well worth the costs because of the positive effects on their pets, the convenience, and the complete peace of mind that we give them.
The pets that we care for are always treated with love like the special family members that they are. All of our Pet Friends receive the same exact care and attention that we provide to our own pets. We treat your pets and home conscientiously and with respect. Why would you settle for less? Our high standards guarantee your satisfaction.
Providing Professional Care to Appleton Area Pets

Appleton Area Pet Sitting wants to be your long term solution for professional pet care, not just a quick fix.   We are available for you and your pets every day of the year, including holidays.  If you compare Appleton Area Pet Sitting to any alternative, we're sure that you'll agree that there really is no comparison.

Appleton Area Pet Sitting
Contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and we can help you customize a plan to meet your needs and exceed your expectations with our top notch professional pet care providers.   Our main service area is Appleton, however we have clients all across the Fox Valley including in Neenah, Menasha, Little Chute, Kimberly, Greenville, Seymour, and other towns.   We know that good help is very hard to find, and exceptional is even harder to find.

Our clients are the kind of Pet Parents that go the extra mile for their pets
and insist on high quality care and sound business practices
from a reputable business.


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