We would like to express a big sincere “Thank You!”  to all of our loyal clients that have helped make Appleton Area Pet Sitting a success over the years.   We thrive on the unconditional love and appreciation that your pets have shown us and we love them like our own.  We know that you have choices and we are honored that you have chosen us to be your professional pet care providers.

We appreciate your loyalty!
We do not provide services to new households unless we have actually confirmed that we are able to, so leaving a message telling us to go to your house when you have already left is not going to work. There are steps that need to be completed before your services start, and for that reason we require advanced notice to schedule an appointment with us to do that.  We understand that emergencies do come up, and we will do our very best to accommodate you, however the only way that we can promise that we will be able to come to your rescue is if you are already registered with us.
Our days consist of many appointments that have been scheduled. Please understand that there are times when we book up quickly.   We suggest that when you make your advance travel plans and arrangements you responsibly make the arrangements for your pets at that time also.  We are not sitting next to the phone with nothing to do waiting for someone to call at the last second, so the more notice that we have the more likely it is that we can help. Small animal pet care
Fish and aquarium care
We operate on a first come first serve basis, with obvious exceptions for those who are already registered with us.   We will match you with the professional that would be the best fit for you and your situation.  You will be able to meet them first and then have that same Pet Sitter in the future unless there is an unusual circumstance. 
By planning ahead we can coordinate this flawlessly.

All of our services are designed with you and your pets in mind.   We are open to and welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have for us. 
Appleton Area Pet Sitting values your input, and from it we can serve you and others even better.

Neenah cat

Appleton Area Pet Sitting


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