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Appleton Area Pet Sitting is a convenient and comfortable alternative for your family pets to be cared for in the luxury of a familiar place-their own home. 
If you are planning a vacation, business trip, or weekend get away, think about your pet'
well being, too.  

Appleton Professional Cat Care
Going away doesn't have to have a negative impact on you and your pets when Appleton Area Pet Sitting can step in for you and make the transition smooth and reassuring for everyone with our professional pet care services.
Natural care, not a boarding facility
Appleton Area Pet Sitting believes that pets are more than just pets.  They are loved, important members of the family who deserve attention and respect, and we do our very best to ensure their health and happiness.  There is no single place that is perfect for every pet to stay when their owners must be away from home.  Some pets do fine in a kennel while others get stressed, scared, or depressed because they have been left by their family in an unfamiliar place.  
Opportunity for personal interaction is limited in boarding facilities. Some pets don't eat, and some come home hoarse and highly stressed from crying/barking for so long.
Appleton Area Pet Sitting
provides professional and competent pet care for your pets in the comfort and safety of their own home.  There is no need to pack things up then hurry around to meet pick up and drop off deadline times-we come to you!

Care for small animals


We know that you will be impressed with the high quality and comprehensive assortment of services offered by Appleton Area Pet Sitting. Once you have experienced Appleton Area Pet Sitting's in home pet care services and feel the complete peace of mind that we give our clients, you'll wonder why you hadn't called us sooner.  We will be your pet's best friend and the reason that you can leave without any worries because dependable professionals with years of experience are taking care of your beloved pets and also your home.
Choosing your pet's and home's care provider is not like picking out a pet rock, and that important decision should not be made in haste. 
You would be wise to give serious consideration to your options and then make an educated choice. 
If you are not completely comfortable with the person,
their reputation, and their experience, it will defeat the whole purpose of having them.
Appleton Area Pet Sitting cat
We would like to invite you to see the difference we can make in your lives!


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