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There are numerous benefits of using the professional pet care services of Appleton Area Pet Sitting.  We are not your “cookie cutter” Pet Sitters. Appleton Area Pet Sitting has chosen   to be original in how we do things    and to go above and beyond what is to be expected.

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Some of the benefits of using Appleton Area Pet Sitting for your pet:

Paw Print Security and comfort of staying in their own home where the sights, sounds, and smells are familiar and reassuring, eliminates stress, this is what your pet is used to.

Paw Print Staying on their normal routine (diet, medical, exercise, etc.) as far as all of their needs are concerned.

Paw Print No risk of being exposed to illness, disease, or parasites from other animals and no extra vaccinations are required.

Paw Print Your pet deserves the best!   It's very nice that so many people have had pets their whole lives, but that certainly doesn't equate to training, experience, or business standards that most people would consider professional. The years of actually being in this customer service profession is what sets Appleton Area Pet Sitting on a whole different level.  We are very capable of handling most unexpected emergencies as well as ordinary and special needs situations.

Pet care is not a "fun thing" that we do on the side, so you will never have to worry about us having other commitments that could leave you with no one to depend on.

Paw Print Guaranteed personal attention, love, and play time to ease any bit of loneliness that your pet may have felt when you first left.  Many of the pets that we care for actually look for us after their parents get home.

Paw Print Pet's that don't travel well don't have to.  Additionally, there is no boarding trauma or adjustment period to being put in a cage, kennel, or other unfamiliar environment.  Your pets don't understand that you will be back for them when you leave them someplace else.

Paw Print Customized services-we do what YOUR pet needs when they need it-not when everyone else gets it.

Paw Print Special needs can be taken care of as instructed.
     A pet at home is a happy pet!

Some of the benefits of using Appleton Area Pet Sitting for you:

Paw Print Be guilt-free because your pet is happy, comfortable, and where they want to be.

Paw Print Enjoy a stress-free time away knowing that your pet and home are in responsible and reliable hands. If at any time you would like to contact us to check in or let us know about something there are several ways to do that.

Paw Print Convenience of no dropping off or picking up time deadlines, no extra night stays away from you.   Your pet will be there when you get home, happy to see you again!

Paw Print Because we respect your privacy, our services are discreet. We do not use any type of advertising on our vehicles so it does not raise the suspicion that you may be away. If you wanted someone to know that you would be gone, you would tell them. We will never sacrifice your privacy in an attempt to gain attention for ourselves.

Paw Print Miscellaneous household duties are tended to on schedule as you would, and additional add on services are available as a convenience for you.

Paw Print With regular visits to your home it will appear as though it is being lived in which can act as a crime deterrent.   With overnights your house is actually being lived in.

Paw Print In comparing pricing, dollar for dollar you get every penny's worth and more from us.  The value of our professional at-home services truly outweighs the cost.  A prime example is those cases where someone untrained is left in charge of things but unable to handle situations that can occur.  Some things can't wait for you to get home, duct tape does not fix everything, and a life cannot be replaced.

Paw Print No need to impose on friends, family, or neighbors.   Many people have a difficult time saying no to someone that they know.  Sometimes others forget or simply don't understand how very important your pet is to you.  Although others mean well, the truth is that they are untrained and the result is often unsatisfactory. Plus, how do you fairly compensate someone when they don't have a set fee?  We take the emotion out of that aspect, as well.  We are true pet lovers, we love what we do, we are great at it, and that's why we do it.

Paw Print Appleton Area Pet Sitting is an established reputable business with a proven track record.  We can assure you that we know what we are doing, plus we carry a comprehensive insurance policy in the unlikely event if something were to go wrong.   Can your friend or neighbor say that?  If something does go wrong on their watch, how will you deal with the uncomfortable feelings afterward?  

Appleton Area Pet Sitting gives you complete peace of mind.

Best pet care around!



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